28 lines about 14 men…

18 Mar

twenty-eight lines about 14 men…

  1. The first time was in a treehouse with the damn dog barking down below
    I was wearing a purple dress, it got stained.
  2. The anticipation was tantalizing and delicious; the reality was not
    We were awkward and unsure, and not just in bed.
  3. A brief summer fling, the first time on the beach cliffs, sand in my hair
    He was big, it hurt, but felt good.
  4. Lying on the couch watching movies, we were dressed, he was inside me
    His mother came in, we laughed about it later.
  5. On again, off again; it was the first time a man put his mouth on me
    I liked it and wanted more.
  6. At the beach we met two guys, one a coke head, the other not into drugs
    He was into me, many, many times; he rocked my world.
  7. The roomie of an old friend, tall and hot, the sex was good
    I found his porn stash, he was embarrassed, I was turned on.
  8. The kiss happened backstage, he asked if I could keep a secret
    I could, but so could he; it was never just the two of us.
  9. His headboard was an old piano, Captain Morgan bottles lined up empty They fell and broke on the floor.
  10. Movies after dinner, his hands down my pants
    He stands and wraps me around him and walks to the bedroom.
  11. I saw him and wanted him, it took nearly a month to seduce him
    I go what I wanted, and then some; he curved the wrong way.
  12. We flirted for weeks, he didn’t let me touch him
    When I climbed on top I realized why; he was thumb sized.
  13. He had a marvelous ass, the first time I saw him naked was from behind His cock hung down, still visible between his legs.
  14. He wasn’t my usual type, short, a cowboy, he loved the country
    He knelt between my legs and made me forget my name.

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