Who the fuck crossed Godzilla with a chicken and calleed it food?

6 Jun

OK, so let me get something straight here… I am not a healthfood nut – nor do I buy into any strict food philosophy be it vegan, vegetarian, raw, or whatever.


Do these look like monster chickens to you? (Photo credit: Allie’s.Dad)

What I am is a woman who grew up eating natural, fresh, farm-raised foods, and who prefers those things. I’ve actually gone back and forth over the years – sometimes economics or convenience still wins out over farm-raised and organic. I have a preference, but not an insistence.


Chicken is kid of an odd duck, so to speak. Generally, I buy a whole chicken and disassemble it into it’s various parts. The times I’ll buy pieces, I’m usually opting for higher-quality, organic, farm-raised, whatever because I dislike the extremely bland flavor of most supermarket birds.

Every now and then, I wind up buying a plain ole boneless, skinless chicken breast at the regular market. And every time I think, “Holy fuck! What did they feed this bird?!?”

Yeah, I know hormones are illegal. As are steroids. Yeah, I know it’s selective breeding and all that happy crappy.

But seriously. Really? Have you seen chicken breasts lately? They’re gigantic! I swear they weigh 10 to 12 ounces per half breast.

Please tell me people aren’t serving an entire half to one person! That’s a ton of meat! (yeah, I know… people do… it’s “one” breast)

I’m really surprised that the average consumer actually seems to prefer these gigantic, and comparatively bland, hunks of meat over things that taste better, are easier to work with (because they’re smaller, they’re the size most recipes are calling for), etc.

Seriously, next time you wonder why Americans are getting so fat take a look at serving sizes. Betcha the average eater isn’t looking at the Godzilla chicken boob and thinking, “hey, maybe I’d best cut that in half.”

Know what I mean?


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